We Can't Turn Down the Love Songs

We Can't Turn Down the Love Songs

Released in July 2004.
Limited 7-inch vinyl single.

Tattoos on My Wings

A giant's childhood matters deep
The guardians left wing cannot sleep

My heart goes boom and pit-a-pat
Keep it in cage like a bitter rat

It's dangerous outside, dangerous inside
And the password for peace is nationwide
He who resists is he who gets goin'

Hope is a good dope
Hope is the final rope

Let's get us hanging
Hanging around
Proportion of money
Is proportion of sound

(Between the horseflies on my eyes
And the tattoos on my wings
I believe there is some hope
And other curious things)

Outworn body with insect soul
Whose really inside is Nat King Cole

He who resists is he who exists
He who exists is he who is missed

Deep in my heart, next to my side
Deep in our souls and nationwide

In the hoods there is justice
And logs to find
Both burn easy
Both burn blind


A1 We Can't Turn Down the Love Songs
A2 Each Thought

B1 Tattoos on My Wings
B2 Show

See also accompanying release Perfect Teen.

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