New Musketeers

New Musketeers

Released in May 2011.
Available on Compact Disc.


01 Cathedral
02 99
03 October
04 Colder
05 New Musketeers
06 Youth
07 Gods
08 Quiet
09 Fir

Video «Gods»

directed by Sigmund Steiner

Video «99»

directed by Sigmund Steiner

Press Release

Two years after their critically acclaimed album «Hospital Years», Aber das Leben lebt return with the release of their new album «New Musketeers». An unusual short time for a band whose mode of operation may be characterized as meticulous. And yet, it did them good. Florian Emerstorfer, Martin Wiesbauer and Wolfgang Wiesbauer have extended their trio line-up by their addition of drummer Ralph Wakolbinger (who also plays the drums in the notorious noise combo «Mord») – to accent those rare drum computer beats of previous records.

Apart from these «analogue drums», how Aber das Leben lebt themselves call it, the band has found a new sense for accessibility and authenticity, for careful layering instead of controlled deconstruction. Contrast to former days, their pop songs are allowed to exist without further explanation. And these songs are allowed to dance the blues – although with the next musical inconsistency at the back of their minds.

A gaze at the band’s early days sometimes raised connotations about philanderers, who need to be protected from themselves and their dreadful moods – and maybe for good reason. Soundscapes, crying for water, cloud-covered arrangements, or a singer who works off his dept with a deep and growling voice – nothing good seemed to come out of this.

However, this perception may shift a little with «New Musketeers». Aber das Leben lebt have not transformed into a party band, though: they still act within their self-defined framework of controlled seriousness and reasonable reduction. But in the end – with humble gesture – they tenderly raise their voice to lift the spirits in their own Tower of Song, to where they invite the Beach Boys, Talk Talk and John Cale to some sangria – and Elvis cooks paella.

Gregor Tischberger

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