Perfect Teen

Perfect Teen

Released in November 2004.
Available on Compact Disc.

Aware that according to the most peoples' awareness everything was beautiful, nothing is beautiful; harmonically modest, lusciously arranged; rooted in disheartenment and leaden melancholy, striving for insubordination; one thought in the air: What is not beautiful now, may it—later—have been beautiful.

Oldies for the years to come: All the immemorial poses of sorrow and pain, all the useless myths of popular music, the old roads, the same rivers—so simple, so noble, so introversive: Aber das Leben lebt plays pop music. Once again the last waltz. No manual, no manuscript, no manifesto: Be all ears!

(Also singing, playing, and programming: Christoph Bitzinger, Thomas Berghammer, Bernhard Fleischmann, Jasmin Gründling, Christof Kurzmann, Sven Saurwein, Oliver Stotz, Simone Sturm.)


01 We Can't Turn Down the Love Songs
02 Stay
03 Heart Sex
04 Show
05 I Don't Live on Planet Earth Anymore
06 Tattoos on My Wings
07 All the Way From China
08 The Unemployed Lover
09 Falling Love
10 Grace Kelly
11 Each Thought
12 Perfect Teen
13 There Are Million Ways To Get Back Home (Alone)
14 As a Fan of Emptiness: Ring Them Bells!
15 She Started All Up Again
16 I Clean My Innards Once a Week
17 Broken Doors

See also accompanying single We Can't Turn Down the Love Songs.

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